How to Find Your Tribe as a Blogger (And Why You NEED One)

Heyy my loves, I hope you have all been having an incredible week! We’re getting SO close to Christmas, it’s crazy how fast time flies! I wanted to come on today and share with you all how to develop your own tribe as a blogger, and why it is crucial to your blog success!

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Okay let’s dive into the basics of why you need a Tribe.

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What is a Tribe?

A Tribe is your audience, the people who will be following you and reading your content. In other words, supporters! What’s a blog without supporters and readers, right? In the long run, you’ll find establishing your Tribe to be highly valuable when it comes to building up your own brand and business. If you see yourself making blogging a full-time thing or even a side-hustle, having a loyal following helps 1000x!

Now how do we identify this tribe? Well, a lot of people overcomplicate this when it’s quite simple actually.. here’s a breakdown to the blogger’s secrets for targeting a tribe!

Step 1 – Analyze yourself, who are you? What do you like? What draws your attention?

Step 2 – Establish places to find those similar to your answers above.

Step 3 – Optimize a strategy to outreach your presence to all those places.

Not too hard right? In simple terms, your tribe is you. It will be people just like you, if your blog is about food and recipes, your readers will most likely be cooks, or people trying to cook. The key to mastering this, and why a lot of blog’s do not succeed, is figuring out how to successfully reach these people.

This is the step a lot of people struggle with, these days we are filled with so many social media platforms, so much technology, it can be overwhelming on where to start. My advice to everyone is always focus & start on ONE platform, then grow from there.

Pick ONE social media platform you want to master, that you will dedicate your full energy to. This could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, up to you. I personally started with Instagram and moved from there to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc..

Once you chose your platform to focus on and master, you will dive deeper on ways to find your tribe on that platform. Let’s assume you pick Instagram, you want to begin researching hashtags and accounts that your tribe would follow and use. 

Example: You have a travel blog, you search up #TravelGram #TravelBlogger, maybe check out a few Travel accounts.

TIP: I recommend using All Hashtag to generate hashtag ideas for your niche and to find people within these hashtags more efficiently!

Strategies To Build A Loyal Tribe

The final key to mastering this comes down to building that tribe, growing your supporters. How do you do this? 


Think about it, what type of books, courses, movies interest you? Typically, it solves a problem. For example you are taking this mini course right now, because it solves a problem. You want to grow a blog, or better your blog, so you are taking this mini course. Same goes for your tribe, they will only read, sign up, engage with content that SOLVES a problem.

This is where you have to brainstorm the types of conflicts your audience may be having, so you can create the ideal content for them.

Travel Blogger? Maybe some issues your readers have could be… saving up money to travel, how to get cheap flights, how to travel safely, etc..

Don’t expect it to all happen overnight.

Developing a connection and trust takes time, right? So don’t be discouraged if you have been blogging for 6 months now and still don’t seem to feel you have discovered your tribe. It takes time! The more content you’re putting out, the more value you are providing, the more people will associate with you. Remember that!

To get even MORE details on how I got my blog up & running, without the mistakes, without the trial / error, be sure you sign up for the Blog Boss Mini Course! I can’t wait, I’ll see you there! 




  1. December 6, 2019 / 12:06 pm

    I totally needed this right now. I’ve been blogging for years, but just started taking promotion and building my audience more seriously. These tips will really help me narrow my focus and be patient.

  2. December 6, 2019 / 6:03 pm

    Good information! I didn’t know what a tribe was especially since joining Tailwind, but this clarifies it more.

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