How to ACTUALLY Crush Your Goals In 2020

Hi hi my loves, I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their week! I’m back on here to share how to enter the new year with the RIGHT mindset and ACTUALLY crush your goals. We’ve all been there right? We set up some goals that we want to accomplish, and then… life happens. Right? That’s the best way to explain it, unexpected things come up, we forget why we set certain goals, and poof. We start over from ground zero and we feel lost, unaccomplished, and most of all, unmotivated. 

I’m going to help you avoid all those feelings as you enter the new year, so let’s dive right in!

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1. Establish your WHY

In my experience, the number one cause people fall out of motivation to achieve their goals is lack of their WHY. They don’t have a WHY, or they don’t connect deeply to their WHY. What do I mean by this? Well, whatever your goal is, think to yourself.. Why do I want to achieve this? What will achieving this goal do for me and for my life? The more meaningful your why, the more likely you are to achieve the goal.

2. Set realistic, achievable increment goals

Most times when we set a goal, we look straight at the big picture and the end goal. We don’t sit and think about the STEPS it will take to get to that GOAL. Right? What I’ve found to work really well is that I’ll set incremental goals to reach my end-goal. Does that make sense? For example, my end-goal is to put out new content on my blog every week and to achieve 10k followers on Instagram. HOW am I going to do that? I’ll break down little goals I need to accomplish first so that I can eventually achieve my end-goal. Little goals such as.. planning and preparing the content ahead of time, producing quality instagram posts that will attract followers, spending time every day to engage with others on Instagram, etc.. You get my point by now!

3. Accept that you won’t always be motivated

Once you understand that you are human and you will have down days, it’ll be much easier to get around those unmotivated times and pick yourself back up! Often times, we beat ourselves up for being down and think we’re failing, but that’s not the case at all! Those tough times and those challenging days are what will push you farther than those who give up right away. The difference between a successful person and unsuccessful person is that the successful person doesn’t throw in the towel when times get tough. Sounds simple right? No, this is so difficult when you’re living in those hard times, BUT, if you remember to yourself that it’s only making you grow and make you better, you’ll pull through. I promise, you got this!

4. Reward yourself along the way!

You’re probably thinking.. wait shouldn’t I reward myself at the end once I’ve done the work? Wrong! In my experience of my own goal-setting and helping others, I’ve seen that when people set up mini-rewards along the journey, they stay more focused and find the journey more sustainable to keep going. This could be simple! For example, you want to lose 20 pounds maybe, you set mini-goals to reach that, such as, not eating any carbs for a week. If you accomplish that mini-goal, you get to reward yourself with a shopping trip or a self-care day! Simple, but effective.

5. Lean onto others for support, don’t isolate yourself

Establishing a group of trusted people while you take on your goals will come into handy many times! Lock arms with one person you trust and you know they want to see you succeed. It’s helpful to know when hard times may come, you can vent or lean onto someone for support, rather than be alone. Now, this could depend on the person, some may find that they’re more productive when they don’t include other people to their plans, so think about what’s worked for you in past situations! Point is, you don’t need to be alone on your journey to hitting your goals, and often times, it’s more fun when you share the experience with someone!

6. Reflect along the way

As you set your goals, set your mini-goals, and some mini-rewards along the way, you should take some time at the end of each week to reflect on what you have accomplished, and why or why not. This is a step many people forget, and then they end up giving up on everything when it’s way too late and they’re way too far gone. Set a reminder on your phone or write down somewhere that you’ll take 10-15 minutes every Sunday or so, and go over what you’ve achieved so far. This will help you analyze what’s happening, what you need to improve on, and what you’re doing great at!

Those are my TOP tips based on personal experience and helping others’, I really hope it helps you kick ass in 2020! I’m so excited to set my own goals and get the new year off on the right foot.

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