Top 10 Bestsellers of 2019

Happy 2020 Friends!! The new year is here, during this time, I always like to reflect upon my past year accomplishments and goals I didn’t meet as well. I have HUGE things coming for 2020, lots of new content I want to put out, and I’m so grateful for all you guys that have been supporting my journey. It’s been a great year, one of the major highlights was getting accepted into the RewardStyle program!

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If you haven’t heard of RewardStyle, it’s an influencer platform primarily used for Instagram where you can link all your fashion pieces and accessories to a shoppable link for your audience! For any purchases made, you make a commission. I applied to RewardStyle probably 7-9 times before they finally accepted me, that was a big thing for me to finally get in 2019!

One of the best parts of joining the platform and starting to share more fashion with you guys on my Instagram has been seeing what you guys like, learning what fashion pieces stand out more, and giving you guys more content that you are interested in seeing! I thought it’d be nice to piece together a blog post here about the top 10 best selling items from 2019! So let’s dive in.

1.Leopard Print Cardigan

2. Zebra Print Pleated Skirt

3. Zebra Print Blazer

4. Adidas Originals Women’s Shoes

5. Caiolea High Heel Pump

6. Fur Trim Down Coat

7. Women’s Round Sunglasses

8. 501 Skinny Levis

9. Pixie Teddy Coat

10. Michael Kors Emmy Saffiano Crossbody

Happy new year!!

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