Top 5 Reasons Why Nobody Is Reading Your Blog

Hey my friends! I know lately I’ve been really loving and sharing fashion tips, but I wanted to come on here with some blog tips this time! I do get messages and questions all the time about my blog and how I set it up, how I get views, how I make money, etc.. I have a separate post breaking down how to set up blog within minutes, as well as a post explaining how I make money by selling digital products!

So be sure to check those out, let’s jump into the 5 reasons why nobody is reading your blog..

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Reason 1: Your content is not interesting.

Okay I realize this sounds harsh, but hey, we gotta speak the truth here, right? No sugar coating. Number one reason you may not see high views or any visitors to your website is simply due to the content. For any blog success, you must ensure you are delivering INTERESTING and VALUABLE content to your readers. How do you do this? First step – identify your audience, connect with them. Example: As a fashion blogger, your audience is most likely interested in how to find affordable fashion, how to style different looks, and fashion trends so they can stay up to date. Of course, you can go more in depth with this, think about what age they are, where do they live? What do they do for a living? This is how you can make sure you are writing the correct content for your audience.

Reason 2: Your blog post title is not grabbing attention!

One of the first impressions a reader gets from you is based off your blog post title. Blog post titles play a large role, you want to make sure you structure your title where it’s short, sweet, and to the point. Also, leaves the reader wanting more! Some of the best performing blog post titles include…

-Top 5 ____ Why ____ 

-The Ultimate Checklist For ____

-How to ___ In ___ Simple Steps

As you can tell, all those titles explain what you will be learning in the post, but also breaking it down into simple terms. Checklists and numbered posts are one of the best performing! Just like this one. 

Reason 3: Your blog is not visually appealing.

Besides content, the visual aesthetic of your blog is CRUCIAL! Readers will not want to stay and view your content if there’s constant pop-ups, advertisements, cluttered images, mismatching color schemes, etc..

To avoid this issue, I recommend picking a few bloggers you admire and enjoy reading, take inspiration from their blog and implement it into your own! For quality and simple themes, I recommend checking out! This is where my blog theme is from, and it’s super affordable / user friendly.

Reason 4: Nobody knows you have a blog!

Some people think to build a blog is super simple, you just set up the domain, create the content, and boom… your blog is a success. No, that’s not how it works unfortunately. People will not magically come visit your website, you have to go find the people and make them come to your website! You can do this easily and for free by utilizing social media. I have a few different blog posts explaining social media and how you can use that to grow your blog, check them out here!

If you’re a beginner to social media, I recommend picking ONE platform and mastering that before you move onto another. For example, Instagram is a hot platform right now and is a huge way that I drive traffic to my blog! Make an instagram account, brand yourself, grow your social media presence, and advertise your blog on there.

Another favorite way of mine to build blog traffic is Pinterest! Pinterest is a great platform, read my post here on how Pinterest can help grow your blog.

Reason 5: You are not consistently growing your blog.

A lot of blog traffic and success relies on how consistent YOU are to delivering fresh content. The more posts, the more activity you have going on, the more people will want to check in and read what you have to say!

It’s like anything in life, without consistency, you aren’t giving the blog enough time to grow the way it should! Don’t expect to post 1 or 2 things and have your blog views blow up. Usually, it takes quite a few months of back to back posting before you can build up an audience. I recommend to begin posting at least 1 new blog a week, then as you get familiar, you can bump up to 1-2 posts per week!

Alright friends I really hope these top 5 reasons help you out to understand why your blog may not be growing as fast as you wish! Remember, with anything, it takes TIME and CONSISTENCY! Don’t give up, and if you have any questions, feel free to connect with me over on social media!



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  1. February 11, 2020 / 7:23 pm

    I feel personally attacked — in a good way! I just recently started optimizing my posts for Pinterest which is A LOT of work in its own. I’ve also invested in a REAL template and am going to be buying a domain sometime this month… or tomorrow with what’s left of my savings. ALL OR NOTHING right?!?

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