7 Hacks To Reduce Stress

HI MY FRIENDS! I am so happy to be hopping back on here and writing this post – needless to say, it’s been a bit of a hectic start to 2020, am I right? Lately it seems like it’s just one thing after another, or maybe it’s just me. Personally, it’s been a stress packed couple months as I deal with some family issues and some life issues. Hey, that happens. Also let’s not ignore the big elephant in the room… Coronavirus. This has been taking over news, media, social networks, everywhere you look… and it’s stressful if you feed into the negativity.

I hope you are all STAYING safe, STAYING indoors, and keeping positive. I wanted to write out a post of how I personally manage and try to stay stress free during really chaotic times, I hope it helps you out!

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HACK #1: Analyze what you CAN control vs. what you CANNOT control.

Okay this is a HUGE one. Actually this is something I’ve really been trying to practice in my daily life lately. As we go on and live day to day, we run into problems. Sometimes these problems are situations we CANNOT control or do anything about, and those are super tough. It’s tough when you are faced with an issue that you have absolutely no control over, and all you can do is handle your reaction. However – a helpful tip I’ve come to realize is sitting back and analyzing whether I can control the issue or not. If I decide I can’t control it, I have to accept that fact firstly. Accepting that you have no control and no say over what happens will bring you a level of peace that you can cope with.

HACK #2: Stay true to YOU, do YOU.

In the midst of stressful life problems, it’s important to remain true to yourself. Don’t lose grips with your goals, hopes, and dreams. In fact, the worst thing you can do when life throws you a curve ball is throw in the towel and call it quits. Ultimately, if you give up on yourself and your goals, you will feel so so much worse. It’s not worth the headache, I promise.

HACK #3: Connect with like-minded people.

Surround yourself with like-minded friends or family members! Hopefully you have someone you can lean on who will inspire some positive vibes back into your life, and if you don’t, seek self-development. I strongly recommend Podcasts, searching up a motivational Podcast you can listen to while you fall asleep, take a bath, go on a run, etc.. Lately I’ve been loving The Motivated Mind, most of these podcasts are free by the way! Another option, watch Youtube Videos, read a book.

HACK #4: Distractions, distractions, distractions!

Keeping busy is the best way to avoid falling deep into your emotions and allowing stress to take over. Having a hobby, having something you can tap into and release this negative energy is essential! Whether it’s a blog, you make videos online, you like journaling, painting, running, find that thing and tap into it!

HACK #5: Talk and express your thoughts / worries, don’t bottle it up!

I find that once in a while when I’m really bothered or stressed out, it actually helps to lean onto someone and voice those worries. Now, this isn’t necessarily to get advice or a solution, however you will notice that simply voicing your thoughts and having someone else listen can bring a lot of peace. You can do this with a friend, family member, whoever is willing to listen.

HACK #6: This Too Shall Pass..

Simply acknowledging and remembering that each dark night brings a new bright day can do a lot for your mental health and mindset. Whenever you have those crushing overwhelming moments, simply take a breath and remember that this will pass. If you get into the mindset of thinking, “This is happening for a reason, what can I take away or learn from this?” rather than, “Why is this happening to me, my life sucks!” you will notice a HUGE shift.

HACK #7: Loving and Embracing the little details of life.

If you take a small chunk out of your day and dedicate that to getting some fresh air, taking your dog on a walk, reading a book, journaling, whatever it is, over time you will notice a positive impact from these little activities. I work from home, so sometimes I have to force myself and come up with a reason to go outside, I try to be mindful and make sure I get 30 minutes to an hour of sun. This time allows me to reflect and be thankful for the little things.

I hope this helps you out as you deal with any upcoming stressful situations, and remember, this too shall pass!





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  1. March 25, 2020 / 7:17 pm

    I think staying near like-minded people is super important in life! Just from personal experience, being around people who don’t try to get to know you or who reject who you are is SO stressful and draining! Especially if they try to tell you to be someone else!

    These are great tips to have, especially these days!

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