30 Days of Instagram Post Ideas

Hi friends, right now is a prime time to be building your social media presence. Why? Everyone is home first of all, and most likely, everyone is scrolling on their phones! Why not take advantage of this time and really focus in on building your brand? I’m going to share with you 30 days of Instagram worthy content to help you kick start and get your social media presence BOOMING. I hope you find this helpful!

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Day 1 – Inspirational Quote

Day 2 – Sneak peek at an upcoming project 

Day 3 – Get to Know me facts! (This is always fun)

Day 4 – Share what inspires you

Day 5 – Offer a freebie! (downloadable PDF, eBook, course, how-to guide) 

Day 6 – Talk about your favorite product

Day 7 – Share your work space 

Day 8 – Answer commonly asked questions

Day 9 – Share best pieces of advice you’ve been given

Day 10 – Shout out and tag Influencers that inspire you

Day 11 – Thank your followers

Day 12 – Share what motivates you and how you stay motivated

Day 13 – Share how you stay organized

Day 14 – Promote your product / service

Day 15 – Educate and provide value on a topic

Day 16 – Share your morning routine

Day 17 – Share your self care routine

Day 18 – Share a discount code 

Day 19 – Share a personal struggle you encountered and how you overcame it

Day 20 – Run a giveaway! 

Day 21 – Share a quick tip

Day 22 – Introduce yourself to new followers

Day 23 – Share what you are grateful for

Day 24 – Post encouraging and inspiring words! 

Day 25 – Share a client success or personal success story

Day 26 – Challenge your followers to achieve something

Day 27 – Share your outfit of the day

Day 28 – What habits help you in life?

Day 29 – Share your pets with your followers

Day 30 – Share one thing you can’t live without

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Talk to you soon, until next time!


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