5 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Instagram Engagement (UPDATED 2023)

UPDATE: This has been one of the most popular blogs on my page and it’s definitely time for some updating to the information! I’ve gone through and updated this with the latest need-to-know information for you if you’re looking to boost your Instagram engagement. 

P.S. Stay tuned to the end of the post for a freebie that’ll save you time when creating content! 


Here are some top tips I’ve learned over the years on how to beat the Instagram Algorithm and keep your engagement levels up! Most of you may have noticed how much the algorithm has shifted and thrown us off in the past few years, I noticed a drop as well. However, I came up with a few strategies that I noticed when I stayed consistent, and my growth and engagement started to increase again! I hope this can be helpful for anyone who’s trying to grow a business utilizing social media, growing a blog, or just in general wants to increase their social media presence!

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1. Take out 15-30 minutes each day to engage with others!

Sounds like common sense right? This truly does make a difference to the engagement you will get back! Sometimes I admit I’m not the best at this, I get so caught up in planning content and posting, that I forget I have followers who also post content that I should be supporting! I like to take a bit of time each afternoon and each evening before bed to do this, I’ll simply spend a few minutes going down my feed and liking/commenting on my followers. Then, if you’re trying to attract more business or clients, dedicate some time going through hashtags related to your industry and comment/like on those posts as well. 

2. Post an engaging Instagram story EVERYDAY!

The more people who click and view your content, the more often they will continue seeing your content. An easy way to get your audience to continue to see YOU is using Instagram Stories! Many people hop on Instagram just to scroll through a bunch of stories, so this is definitely a place you want to be constantly appearing. I like to post polls as often as I can, the more engaging the better. I also like to share on my Instagram Story whenever I have a brand new post, that way my followers know to click on my profile, and see my post, in other words… Engage!

3. Hop on the Reels train if you haven’t already!

Honestly, if you want to see rapid growth on Instagram and see your engagement picking up, leveraging Reels will be crucial to your success. If you’re not comfortable showing up on video or not sure where to start, there are a ton of creative ways to STILL benefit from Reels without actually recording yourself talking to the camera.

 A few quick ideas: 

-Post a clip of where you are, a beautiful sunset, out hiking, at a restaurant with great food, your workspace. Pair that with trending audio!

-Create a graphic on Canva and upload that to Reels with trending audio on top. I see a lot of accounts utilizing this strategy with a tweet-style quote.

-Pair a bunch of photos together and make them into a Reel with audio on top.


Just like with anything… consistency is key. Don’t post once or twice a week on Instagram and expect rapid growth. With my clients, I’ve found that a great spot is anywhere between 3 to 5 posts per week. If you’re new to consistently posting, I recommend you commit to 3 posts per week and gradually increase as you become more consistent.

This doesn’t just apply to feed posts, be consistent with your stories, with your DMs, with your overall Instagram activity.

5. Hashtags and location tags – no, hashtags are not dead. 

I think one of the most annoying things I hear as a social media manager is about how hashtags are dead. Actually… no. I love the way Brittney (IG expert and business coach) explains it in this IG post, read her caption!

Hashtags STILL serve a purpose, folks. Hashtags serve as another way to indicate WHAT your post is about so that the algorithm knows who to push it out to. It’s another way for a user to find your content if they were to search that hashtag, so my philosophy is… why not use them? 

If they do apply to your post, utilize at least 5-10 hashtags AND if you were at a certain location you want to share or if you are a professional licensed in a specific state, leverage location tags on your post to increase the reach and visibility in that area!


PSSST. Here’s that freebie I was talking about earlier… 

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  1. October 2, 2019 / 12:18 pm

    I love these tips! Especially engaging with other accounts throughout the day. That’s great for the algorithm!

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 2, 2019 / 1:51 pm

      Thanks so much!! Glad you found this useful 😊

  2. October 2, 2019 / 1:46 pm

    these are helpful tips because i’m having a hard time getting engagement on instagram. i’m going to use them to see if it helps me .

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 2, 2019 / 1:51 pm

      Defintiely do!! And keep me updated, I’d love to how how these tips help you out 💗

  3. October 2, 2019 / 2:17 pm

    Such simple tips! I am not the best storier!

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 2, 2019 / 9:43 pm

      Thanks for stopping by! Insta stories is defintiely a huge part to my success in growing my following and engagement, give it a go!

  4. Alliima
    October 2, 2019 / 2:40 pm

    Thanks for sharing some amazing information! They will definitely be helpful when as I try to gain more followers.

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 2, 2019 / 9:42 pm

      I really hope so! Message me if you have any questions here and I’d love to give you tips to make sure you find success in growing your social media! You’ve got this girl!

  5. October 2, 2019 / 3:35 pm

    Hashtagssss…that is one of the most powerful and best tool on Instagram.
    I have done so many important stuffs using Hashtags.
    It helped me plan my entire wedding theme, find the best perfume of my favourite brand, found bakers in my town at the last minute for my husband’s birthday and I can go on with bunch of list.
    I think I should write a post on how I made use of Hashtags!
    Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 2, 2019 / 9:42 pm

      Omg that’s amazing!! Hashtags are incredibly powerful, so glad you make use of them! 💗

  6. October 2, 2019 / 3:35 pm

    These tips are really great. I personally struggle with consistency. Sometimes I forgot about it and I just end up not posting anything at all. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 2, 2019 / 9:41 pm

      So glad you found it helpful! I think best way to start off is setting mini goals for yourself each week and building up from there!

  7. October 2, 2019 / 3:39 pm

    I am yet to join group chats cause I feel a little sceptical about that. Since you sound positive about that, I would like to give it a try.

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 2, 2019 / 9:40 pm

      Yes I’d honestly give it a go, what have you got to lose?

  8. October 2, 2019 / 5:16 pm

    This was extremely helpful, I’m sort of hopeless when it comes to technology, and you laid out the process perfectly! I didn’t realize hashtags were so important. I’ll give it a try. Thanks again.

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 2, 2019 / 9:39 pm

      I’m so glad to hear that girl! Yes give hashtags a go, life changing!

  9. October 2, 2019 / 5:57 pm

    Ever since I started posting more stories, I noticed a HUGE increase in my engagement! I also consistently get views on my profile when I post on stories.

    Erika Marie | https://imerikamarie.com

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 2, 2019 / 9:39 pm

      Insta Stories are where it’s at! 🙌🏼

  10. October 3, 2019 / 11:35 am

    I think far too many people forget the importance of engagement. It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason, it’s designed to encourage us to be actively social and engage with one another. That’s why these activities will, ultimately, help us succeed. It’s the underlying purpose of the platform.

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 4, 2019 / 8:32 am

      Exactly couldn’t agree more!

  11. October 4, 2019 / 10:35 am

    Nice tips! I often find I don’t have time to engage with others. I was reminded I need to do that more often from reading your post. The one thing I find to be a lifesaver is Iconosquare. it is a platform to create posts and schedule them. It really helps me be consistent on posting.

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 4, 2019 / 8:29 pm

      Omg that’s amazing I’ve never heard of that app! I have used another similar called Buffer to schedule posts for my Instagram, thanks for the tip I’ll have to check it out!

  12. Jess
    October 4, 2019 / 10:50 am

    I always try to engage for 30 minutes everyday and I really love the community i’ve found! The hashtag generator sounds good – I’m gonna have to try!

    Jess | http://www.jessrigg.com

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 4, 2019 / 8:30 pm

      That’s amazing you take time each day to engage! So important!

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 4, 2019 / 8:30 pm

      So glad you found it helpful!

  13. October 4, 2019 / 9:49 pm

    I love these tips on boosting Instagram engagement! It is important that we take the time to talk to people, because this encourages them to keep supporting us. Consistency is so important! If there are no activities for long, it can hurt the readership and such. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 5, 2019 / 10:25 am

      Definitely, engagement is everything!! So glad you found these tips helpful!

  14. October 5, 2019 / 7:01 am

    Great tips, I’m definitely going to check out that website for hashtags. I really struggle with Instagram consistency, it’s not a platform I like using and everything tends to feel a little forced. x


    • The Daily Chelsea
      October 5, 2019 / 10:26 am

      Everybody has their own platforms that work best for them! If it’s not Instagram then it’s not Instagram! Totally understand, I know some people who prefer Twitter or Facebook as well

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