About Me

Hey girl hey! Welcome to my corner of the internet, I am so grateful somehow you have stumbled across my page and I want to provide valuable content to you here!

So, where should we start? I’m Chelsea, and I’m currently 23!

I started blogging nearly 3 years ago and doing so opened my eyes to all the opportunities social media has. Later, I went onto starting a successful online business which produces me a full time income alongside my blog! Since then, I’ve done social media marketing for a few companies and learned strategies on how to grow my social media presence organically & fast.

Fun facts about me: I loveeee chinese food, like a lot. It’s a problem. Oh, and I’m super into music, fashion, beauty, fitness, empowering / motivating others! I’m also a big lover of social media and the power it has to connect us all from across the world – how awesome is that? 

Here on my blog you’ll find my top tips when it comes to leveraging your social medias to grow your own personal blog or business, I also love to share my latest fashion finds and deals. All things social media, lifestyle, fashion and beauty you’ll find here!

Be sure to connect with me on my social medias! 





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